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This Why We Don't Like You, Though!

Bye, Betsy

Betsy Devos, smh. Nepotism at its WORST. If you ask me nepotism at its finest was Wade getting to go back home to Miami. The Secretary of Education appeared on 60 Minutes recently to answer questions ranging guns, school choice and ‘why people do not like her’. The “t-ball” questions as Charlamagne Tha God referred to them, were absolutely soft. Many of her answers to questions lacking any edge or depth were misses. I see many of my counterparts online, some of who I attended college with, commenting on how the “babies are in horrible hands”.

That’s just it though- it’s not just the babies that are struggling and going to continue to struggle under this weak leadership. For those of us still in higher education, Devos’ promises to roll back Obama-era legislation on federal aid for school is harmful. Her staunch attack on federal funding of public schools are harmful for those of us trying to get into education. For those at all concerned about the future of the workforce or stability of our country’s intellectual resources… her tactics are questionable. Numbers don’t lie, when you look at the affirmative action era in bloom, numbers of young people in higher education soared (especially that of youth of color). When you look more recently at legislation on lending practices becoming less predatory- there is effectively more protection for students who wish to enroll and ultimately graduate with degrees. The MTO (Moving to Opportunity) study, carried out by the US’s HUD and Havard scholars, paints for us a picture that indicates opportunity and properly funded schools being linked. We know that education needs investment; we know that lack of education investment leads to social ills. I’m talking skyrocketing drop-out rates, elevated crime rates, creeping unemployment and the widening of the achievement gap (which is horribly racialized).

It wasn’t so long ago that we had a presidential candidate that teased us with the idea of free-tuition in higher education. Bernie, we miss you guy. While that promise is but a pipe-dream, Devos’s negligence to even follow up with under-performing schools coupled with her lack of critical thought on the matter… is ridiculous. I wonder what her job really consists of- at this point it looks like a bunch of trying to defend her reprehensible and baseless platform on education reform, as well as, flopping in interviews.

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