2020 Feels Like

2020 Feels Like

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Truth is there could’ve been a lot more years on this garment. We wanted to depict the wide range over the last 99 years we’ve been seeing what’s happening today. Police brutality isn’t new, police brutality during peaceful protest isn’t new. We picked these 3 significant moments in history to make a parallel to police brutality and being over aggressive to the non aggressive .


1992 - Rodeny King is severely beaten by LAPD on camera sends country in uproar for change.

1965 - “Bloody Sunday” thousands protest during civil rights movement in Selma,AL and as seen one of the bloodiest peaceful protest ever.

1921 - “Black Wall Street” a thriving black community in Tulsa,OK was burned down when mobs of white residents attacked black residents and businesses of Greenwood the District in Tusla.

It all feels the same.