Beychella... thanks to DJ Khaled, we’re all calling Beyoncé’s headlining Coachella performance: Beychella. The 36-year old Houston-native went all out for her Coachella performance. If you didn’t catch her in Cali, you can watch her performance here..(

From the Black iconography displayed, to her forever-respected discography and finally seeing her beginnings replayed for us, (via a Destiny’s Child performance) we collectively lost our minds. Perhaps our favorite part of the spectacle was the live band breaking out into Swag Surf with Beyoncé and her dancers going into a probate-inspired dance numbe...

Betsy Devos, smh. Nepotism at its WORST. If you ask me nepotism at its finest was Wade getting to go back home to Miami. The Secretary of Education appeared on 60 Minutes recently to answer questions ranging guns, school choice and ‘why people do not like her’. The “t-ball” questions as Charlamagne Tha God referred to them, were absolutely soft. Many of her answers to questions lacking any edge or depth were misses. I see many of my counterparts online, some of who I attended college with, commenting on how the “babies are in horrible hands”.

That’s just it though- it’s not just the babies that are struggling and going to continue...

February 17, 2017

1.Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are institutions of higher education in the United States that were established before 1964 with the intention of

serving African Americans.

2. The first HBCU owned and operated by African Americans was Wilberforce University in Ohio, which was founded in 1856. Some were founded by White abolitionists

like Gen. O.O. Howard, Clinton B. Fisk, Henry Martin Tupper.

3.HBCUs significantly contribute to the creation of African American science degree holders:

agriculture 51.6%

biology 42.2%

computer science 35%

physical science 43%

social science 23.2%

4.9 of the top 10 colleges that gra...

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